The PTS Difference

Have you ever had a technology-based idea that would help your business, church or organization?  If the answer is yes…what has been stopping you?  Could it be…

  • having no idea whether your idea is feasible and not having the resources to pay to find out?
  • fear of getting sucked in by a slick looking prototype that doesn’t actually work and is actually far, far away from really doing what you want?
  • fear of having to pay for and play the “requirements document game” with a developer who doesn’t really care about your business processes and wants a vague document to ensure lots of “extras” later?
  • fear of the “hourly billing trap” and being told that it’s actually going to take many more hours to get you something that works and that work on your project will stop if you don’t agree?

If so…try the Productive Technical Solutions difference!

  • Free feasibility analyses!  In some cases, we may even be able to tell you how to solve the problem yourself for little or no cost.
  • Fixed prices.  We don’t have hourly rates.  Period.
  • We negotiate fixed milestone payments:
    • Prototype Completion
    • Go Live
    • You’re Happy
  • You pay nothing until we deliver an actual working prototype.  No mock-ups.  No pictures of what your screens might look like.  It won’t do everything and it may not be pretty (yet), but you will have confidence that it will work.
  • You pay an additional negotiated amount when you “go live”.
  • You pay the rest when you’re happy.
  • Full payment entitles you to one year of free maintenance and support.

So…how do you not go broke doing this?

As we aren’t a charity, there are a few caveats…

  • We own the prototype.  If you want the ability to keep the prototype and walk away, we will negotiate a fee for doing that. The prototype fee is not returnable under any circumstances after it has been paid.
  • We retain control of all final deliverables until the “go live” payment has been made.  (i.e., if you’ve been using our near-complete software for 6 months and haven’t paid us…we will have no choice other than to turn it off).
  • Creative work (logos, images, videos, documents, etc.) and spreadsheet applications are different.  Full payment on delivery is expected.